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LED strips – The future of lighting

Strip Lights are the latest and most versatile form of lighting and are suitable for almost all sections of the house such as inside kitchen cabinets, along the edges of beds, or even in aquariums.

 LED strips are easy to use, are a cost-effective alternative to traditional bulbs and look great.

Scientechnic’s exclusive partner LEDVANCE have recently added new strip lights to their portfolio. Available in three categories of Superior, Performance and Value – each is perfectly matched as a system solution for lighting professionals.

Availability of varied colour temperatures enables its use in a variety of applications including classic general lighting, ambient lighting and indirect lighting of niches and coves. They can be cut to size and easily mounted on curved and uneven surfaces. Strip Lighting has revolutionised lighting technology with its easy installations and superior quality. The TÜV-certified strips in the Superior category are particularly suitable for demanding lighting installations in large, representative buildings


 In places such as corporate offices, upmarket hotels, shopping centers and museums they offer impressive colour rendering with a Colour Rendering Index (CRI) of over 90 and a lifetime of up to 60,000 hours.

The highlight of the Performance category is its high lifetime of up to 35,000 hours with a protected version that can withstand dust and jets of water. The colour rendering is solid and conducive for medium-sized office buildings, schools, restaurants, bars and shops.

The Value category is an all-rounder with a very good price/performance ratio. They are a good choice for indoor spaces such as smaller offices, guesthouses, private premises, as well as appropriate outdoor areas.

LED strips are the top choice amongst consumers all across the world because they are long-lasting, energy safe and stylish at the same time.

Photo credit- LEDVANCE


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