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    Embrace. Enable. Empower

    Since 1972, Scientechnic has been supporting the UAE’s progress by providing the best engineering, electrical, mechanical, electronic, automation and mobility related products and solutions to key projects of the region.

    Engineering your solutions

    We engineer integrated solutions using world–class technology. Our customized turnkey systems provide high quality products and services at a competitive price. We constantly strive to improve and work together as a team to provide outstanding service.

    QHSE policy

    Scientechnic is dedicated to create a process driven organization aiming to achieve a sustainable and profitable business model. The Integrated Management System in Scientechnic helps enrich the concept of a transparent and efficient organization and sets high quality, health, safety and environment (QHSE) standards which aim at exceeding the expectations of our customers, business associates and employees.

    QHSE is an integral part of our commitment to providing outstanding products and delivering the highest level of customer service for its fulfillment. We manage our company with utmost professionalism and ensure ethical practices.

    We strive to achieve increasing levels of customer satisfaction through on-time delivery of products and services and make our employees aware of their IMS obligations and responsibilities through training and awareness programs.

    We mitigate pollution and conserve resources by reducing waste, promoting optimum consumption of resources, recycling and eco-friendly sourcing. We communicate and monitor safety and security measures in order to prevent occupational ill health and injury. We Identify, evaluate and control all health and safety hazards and environmental aspects.

    We communicate, consult and participate strategic matters to employees, suppliers, contractors, stakeholders and other interested parties, as applicable on IMS. We are continually improving our performance by periodically reviewing our objectives, business processes, employee skills and supplier/subcontractor performance. We comply with the applicable statutory, legal and other requirements in a socially responsible manner.

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    • We delight our customers and partners
    • We care for our employees
    • We work ethically
    • We encourage creativity
    • We celebrate achievements together
    • We care for our community’s welfare

    Environmental safety

    Scientechnic is continually exploring new ways to mitigate pollution and conserve resources by reducing waste, promoting optimum consumption of resources, recycling and ecofriendly sourcing. We are committed to environmental sustainability and are constantly identifying, evaluating and controlling all the environmental aspects of our operations.

    We believe that active and responsible work ethics can make a successful company even stronger. We are committed to sustainable development through environmental protection, social responsibility, and economic progress. We are dedicated to meeting the needs of our society today and to minimizing the impact of our actions on future generations and on the environment. We are committed to minimizing our carbon footprint by conducting our business in an environmentally friendly way that makes a difference to our world.

    We pledge to reduce waste, reuse materials, and recycle whenever possible in both our office and manufacturing operations. We encourage our employees to be responsible, green citizens.

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