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    Languages of Light Series – Emrah Heper

    In conversation with Emrah Heper, Board Member at HEPER, on sustainability in lighting.

    As a leading lighting and controls integrator in the region, Scientechnic Lighting Solutions loves to explore various aspects of ‘lighting’ – the subject matter, corelating it with upcoming trends, topics and issues. The ‘Languages of Light’ series is one such initiative where we speak to industry experts for unique insights.

    Our question today is directed to Emrah Heper, a Board Member at HEPER. ‘Sustainability’ is a key buzzword today. How do you relate it to lighting?

    Scientechnic Lighting Solution’s exclusive partner HEPER Lighting aims to improve life through light with a deep respect for nature, and we therefore thought it was apt to ask Emrah to elaborate on the correlation between lighting and sustainability. Here’s what he had to say:

    “At HEPER, we have long realized the need for an approach that considers the use of the right materials, technology, and processes to enable a more sustainable world. We believe that we can support and sustain society in all its forms with an aim of “improving life through light” both for today and the future generations to come. To achieve this, it is vital that we think of all our resources as finite, something to preserve, sustain and reuse where possible, whilst enhancing performance, increasing efficiency, and reducing waste. All the above are manifested in our core values. Being a business participant of the United Nations Global Compact, we are committed to support the UN Sustainable Development Goals. At HEPER, we therefore strive for a future where the right use of technology and light will enable us to achieve our aim of “Improving Life through light” – Emrah HEPER, Board Member.

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