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Charm of the Jilly Pendant

The new Jilly pendants by ERCO are made of everything that an ultra-modern lighting solution can offer.

Efficient and elegant in its design along with standard prices, the Jilly pendant is the preferred choice for a wide range of consumers.Its LED lens optics are in grid configurations and can be installed, precisely where light is needed for office work in a  crisp and glare-free manner. Another remarkable characteristic is the visual comfort with their optional indirect component, also available in tunable white which is ideal for implementing advanced Human Centric Lighting (HCL). Lighting is increasingly getting the importance it deserves and several designers are now graduating from chronobiology to Human Centric Lighting. ERCO offers its new Jilly pendant luminaires as flexible and economical tools for such lighting concepts.

This range also includes recessed surface-mounted luminaires as well as downlights for the track. One of the key features is that the light consists of a highly efficient optical polymer lens system arranged in a grid and combined with mid-power LEDs with a particularly high luminous efficacy of over 140 lumens per watt. Lighting designers can select between two light distributions: oval wide flood and extra-wide flood. The axially symmetric oval wide flood distribution is suitable for workstations and extra-wide flood distribution is ideal for conference tables and reception desks.

The glare-free vertical light component also generates high cylindrical illuminance at the height of one’s head: as a result, the faces of employees and discussion partners are illuminated in an easily recognisable way. Their flat and proportioned design sets them apart from conventional office luminaries. Jilly pendant luminaries are available with direct distribution and direct/indirect light. The latter is popular in the office sector because its diffused light component creates a balanced contrast in the room. 

Jilly pendant luminaries offer a choice of six different light colours ranging from warm white to neutral white. As a special feature, the indirect component is also available with tunable white: this means that colour temperature can be continuously varied from 3000K to 6000K. To modify the appearance of the luminaries to the specific design concept, the anti-dazzle louvres are available in black and silver – or via the ‘ERCO individual’ service with the desired individual metallic surface and colour. The Jilly pendant luminaries are exceptionally versatile tools for the illumination of modern workplaces. 

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