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    We provide world-class products and solutions through innovative systems across various industry sectors.

    Construction and Development

    We have supplied products to some of the most recognised projects in the country.


    We are proud to be associated with several prestigious government projects across sectors such as tourism, science, environment and infrastructure.


    We have supplied products to the hospitality sector across the UAE. Regardless of whether it is a luxury or business category, we have met their detailed specifications with an impressive track record of on-time delivery.


    Our products for the healthcare sector have been designed to enhance patient well-being and staff performance.


    Our products have helped create an environment that students and teachers find comfortable and conducive for learning.

    End Users

    Our product and solutions offer maximum effectiveness, efficiency and satisfaction to our end users.

    Life Science

    We are specialized in the market segments of Pharmaceutical, Health Care, Biotechnology, Food & Beverage and Cosmetic. We deliver pragmatic solutions in Biomedical Engineering that are flexible, adaptable and generate high value for our clients.

    Selection and Estimation

    Our certified team of experts configure, select and estimate products that best suit the requirements of the project, thereby ensuring a technically competent solution. We take a consultative approach with informed advice and honest feedback.


    • Exclusive partners for Siemens, Osram, Nikkon and Olympia Electronics
    • Comprehensive product availability
    • ISO 9001:2008 certified

    Programming of Automation Systems

    Our technically competent team can provide you with field services and technical support related to programming of PLC’s, variable speed drives, soft starters, BMS controllers and instrumentation products.


    • Design and deploy PLC based systems in various industries
    • Programmers and engineers with extensive experience in programming PLC based controllers
    • Services that range from simple PLC's alteration to full-line integration and control.

    Testing and Commissioning

    Testing and commissioning is an inevitable part of any project. Our experienced technical support team provides the necessary testing and commissioning services for all products that we supply.


    • We provide total support from setting up to commissioning the system.
    • An experienced service and certified team.
    • Expert support at all stages of the project from consultation, component optimization to preventive service.

    After-Sales Service

    Our end user service team provides effective after-sales support that includes field services as well as the supply of suitable spare parts.


    • The after-sales team is trained to offer broad and reliable service.
    • Our team consists of highly trained personnel who can assist with any questions.
    • Ensuring that our products and services surpass the expectations of our clients.