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    Industry Specific Solutions

    Scientechnic Building Technologies is one of the top integrators and solutions providers in the field of fire detection, fire protection, security and surveillance solutions, water treatment chemicals, Information Communication Technology (ICT), Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) and Extra Low Voltage (ELV) systems.

    Commercial & Residential Real Estate

    We offer flexible and cost effective fire safety and security solutions that protect your home and business.


    Our products and solutions ensure that the hospitality industry is able to provide the best safety and comfort to its guests.


    We have worked closely with several hospitals and healthcare centres to ensure the comfort, safety and security of each person on the premises.


    Benefit from our specialized educational sector experience to manage the safety and security complexities of your multi-faceted environment.


    We provide safety and security solutions in the field of transportation.

    Data centers

    We supply high-quality fire suppression, safety and security equipment across the UAE.


    We are an approved fire protection specialist for DEWA substations.

    Design & Engineering

    Our flexible and integrated approach towards projects of all shapes and sizes, enables us to provide innovative design solutions that are tailored to meet our customers’ specific requirements.


    • Partners with leading, high-end technology brands
    • Innovative design solutions that are tailored for specific industry requirements
    • Flexible and integrated approach to all types of projects


    Our range of products include intelligent fire protection & safety, security solutions, ELV and ICT products. Our state-of-the-art Warehouse & Distribution facility has over 10,000 SKUs and ensures swift delivery of products.


    • Customer satisfaction is our top priority
    • Civil Defense approved products
    • Turnkey solutions provider

    Installation & Commissioning

    Our qualified, accredited and licensed technicians are trained to install various types of fire protection equipment, and to ensure that the project is carried out efficiently.


    • Trained and licensed technicians
    • DPS compliant contractor
    • Technical support

    Service & Maintenance

    Our team provides routine, planned maintenance to ensure that your building is always protected from the risks of fire.


    • Stocking spares for quick replacements and repairs
    • Refilling of all kinds of cylinders
    • 24 X 7 emergency support

    Upgrades & Retrofits

    Our team of experts also offer consultation and evaluation on critical lifesaving systems in need for an upgrade or retrofit. We offer the best-in-class solutions that strictly adhere to the code of compliance.


    • Comprehensive packages
    • Superior services and solutions
    • End-to-end support