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    Three Phase UPS 

    A powerful and reliable solution for critical power applications that require high capacity, efficiency and flexibility, the three phase UPS is the ideal choice. Powering large data centers, industrial facilities and critical infrastructure, the three-phase UPS uses input power more effectively and generate less heat, while considerably bringing down energy costs.

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    High Pressure Fire Extinguishing Systems

    Power Prime UPS

    The PowerPrime is the ultimate in UPS design with a full range of options and accessories to meet the demands of sophisticated network environments, ideally suited for mission critical applications such as vital servers, network and telecommunication equipment.

    • Advanced Touch Screen with LCD display
    • Unity Power Factor
    • Environmentally Friendly Energy Saving
    • Dual Feed Input
    • Multiple Communication Options
    • Longer Runtime Applications
    • External Maintenance Bypass Switch Connection
    • Input Configuration
    • Smart Battery Management
    • Configurable Battery Voltage
    High Pressure Fire Extinguishing Systems


    The PowerPro Eco-Friendly 300 Series UPS is a combination of BPC’s advanced Digital Signal Processor (DSP) control technology and a firm pursuit of a green manufacturing philosophy, resulting in a UPS design utilizing the latest generation power components and improved conversion circuit topology in order to optimize maximum efficiency.

    • Increased Reliability
    • Advanced Communications
    • Intelligent Battery Management & Protection
    • High Input Performance
    • Flexibility
    • Advanced Graphic Display
    • Intelligent Management & Maintenance System