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    Standby Batteries 

    Standby batteries are a crucial component for any business, big or small. It always counts to have a reliable backup of standby batteries that would ensure business continuity and functionality during an outage or power disturbance. The batteries we offer are easy to maintain, do not require regular check-ups and are properly sealed until needed.

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    High Pressure Fire Extinguishing Systems

    POWERSTOR™ Battery

    In today’s environment, battery systems must perform in the most challenging applications. The versatile PowerStor range of sealed lead acid maintenance free batteries has all the answers with a wide choice of capacity ratings in compact cases for both standard and extended design life suitable for both cyclic and float applications.

    • Low Self-Discharge
    • Electrolyte Suppression System
    • Operation in Any Orientation
    • Compact POWERSTOR Design
    • Float or Cyclic Use High Performance Design
    • Wide Operating Temperature Range
    • Flexible Design
    • Deep Discharge Recovery
    High Pressure Fire Extinguishing Systems

    POWERSTOR™ Battery Analysis & Care System

    BPC Battery Analysis & Care System (BACS) is the most advanced product of its kind on the market today. An Ethernet integrated battery monitoring and management system, BACS uses web management technology to monitor temperature, internal resistance and voltage of every single battery in a given system.

    1. Monitoring & Regulating the Charging Process
    2. Individual Voltage Regulation through the Equalizing Process
    3. Equalization to Avoid Overcharging & Undercharging
    4. Indicators to Alert Battery Problems
    5. Protection of Neighboring Batteries
    6. Increase Battery Capacity
    7. UPS/Inverter Power Manager

    High Pressure Fire Extinguishing Systems

    Lithium-Ion Battery Energy Storage

    Manufactured with safety as the primary objective the high discharge range LiFePO4 (Lithium Iron Phosphate) batteries achieve performance and long term stability. The core of each system is a high power density 48volt module, which consists of prismatic LiFePO4 cells configured using a fully automated robotic production technic delivering a high quality product.

    • Significant Capacity Density
    • High Performance Discharge & Recharge
    • Modular Design, Easy to Expand, Convenient Maintenance
    • Multiple Systems Can Be Used in Parallel
    • Proven Safety & Quality
    • Expected Design Life of 15-20 years
    • High Number of Cycles over 4,500
    • Wide Temperature Range