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    Medical Isolated Power Supply 

    A Medical Isolated Power Supply (MIPS) is a power system designed to provide isolated power to electrical equipment used in medical facilities. They ensure enhanced safety, protection of sensitive and critical equipment as well as remote monitoring and diagnosis. It is an essential for any medical facility that requires clean, reliable power to ensure the uninterrupted operation of their equipment.

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    High Pressure Fire Extinguishing Systems

    Electrical Medical IPS System

    BPC Energy range of Medical Isolated Power Supply (MIPS) products are electrical Medical IT systems, which are isolated from earth and enable insulation maintenance faults to be monitored. These MIPS systems are used in Medical Group 2 locations to minimize risk of failure so that, in the event of a first fault to earth, supply continuity is maintained. They are best suited for medical locations like – Operating Rooms, Intensive Care Rooms, MRI Rooms, Recovery Rooms and Therapy Rooms.

    • Maintenance Bypass Switch
    • Insulation Monitor
    • Transfer Relay
    • Output Breakers
    • IP41 Construction
    • Air Circulation
    • Equipotential Bonding Busbar (EBB)
    • Local Alarm Panel (LAP)
    • Central Alarm Panel (CAP)
    • Fault Detection System (FDS)
    • Central Alarm Panel (CAP)