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    Sprinkler System  

    We offer UAE Civil Defence approved water sprinkler systems that work quickly to suppress fires and protect your valuable assets.

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    High Pressure Fire Extinguishing Systems


    An upright sprinkler comes with a water deflector at the top so that water coming out of the orifice shoots upward and then spreads in a circular pattern. Upright sprinklers, used mostly in warehouses or large structural buildings, do not hide behind the ceiling.

    High Pressure Fire Extinguishing Systems


    The pendent sprinklers produce a hemispherical water distribution pattern below the deflector. During a fire the thermal-sensitive liquid in the glass bulb expands, causing the bulb to shatter, releasing the button and spring seal assembly.

    High Pressure Fire Extinguishing Systems


    The head of sidewall sprinklers provide one side (parabolic) water distribution outward from a wall. The sprinklers are available in various temperature ratings and finishes to meet several design requirements.

    High Pressure Fire Extinguishing Systems

    Concealed Pendent

    Concealed pendent sprinklers have a low profile and aesthetically pleasing design. All that is seen at the ceiling is a 3-5/16″ diameter ceiling plate, colour finished to match the specifier’s exact requirements.