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    Special Systems 

    We offer special systems like high pressure water mist, deluge water spray, foam and pre-action systems that are designed to quickly detect an incipient fire or heat condition.

    A high pressure water mist system attacks two elements of the fire triangle: oxygen and heat. The small water droplets allow the water mist to control, suppress or extinguish fires by cooling both the flame and surrounding gases by evaporation and by displacing oxygen by evaporation. Deluge water spray is used for cooling of storage tanks, bullets, spheres, structures

    and flammable liquid storage areas. Foam systems are used for open top floating and cone roof flammable liquid storage tanks. Pre-action systems are hybrids of wet, dry and deluge systems, depending on the exact requirement of the system. The Pre-action system is ideal for water-sensitive environments.

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    High Pressure Fire Extinguishing Systems

    Deluge Water Spray System

    This system consists of water spray nozzles of specific water discharge that are distributed over the area to be protected. The deluge system is activated automatically by a wet pilot line detection system using pilot line sprinkler heads.

    High Pressure Fire Extinguishing Systems

    Pre-Action System

    There are several types of pre – action systems, but all employ closed sprinklers in the sprinkler piping. The detection system may be hydraulic, pneumatic or electric and may be actuated by manual, fixed-temperature, rate-of-temperature-rise or other means. Detection systems operate before the sprinklers fuse and give an alarm.

    High Pressure Fire Extinguishing Systems

    High Pressure Water Mist System

    Scientechnic specializes in delivering high pressure water mist sprinkler systems for fire protection, across a wide range of buildings and industries.This system can be connected to various different forms of early fire detection and has the provision for immediate activation. With fast response and low water consumption, this system saves valuable buildings, occupants and property.

    High Pressure Fire Extinguishing Systems

    Deluge Foam System

    A deluge bladder tank foam/water system is a standard deluge system capable of discharging a foam/water solution automatically through open sprinklers and spray nozzles,.