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    Scientechnic & Akoya Biosciences organize seminar on ‘Spatial Biology’

    In collaboration with partner Akoya Biosciences Inc., Scientechnic Life Sciences organizes a seminar on ‘Spatial Biology’ for the Research Institute for Medical & Health Sciences.

    The Life Sciences division of Scientechnic recently collaborated with partner Akoya Biosciences Inc. to organize a seminar on ‘Spatial Biology’ for participants from the University of Sharjah, Research Institute for Medical and Health Sciences.

    Robert Stad, Senior Field Application Scientist and Gerardas Dambrauskas, Channel Partner Manager EMEA led the seminar, sharing their expertise on the subject, while actively interacting with the attendees, sharing insights and answering queries. The group discussed

    in-depth the effectiveness of ‘spatial biology’ and how it can aid in understanding the intricate interactions among different cell types within tissue sections, revolutionizing research methodologies. Furthermore, advancements in oncology, immunology and neurology were discussed as part of the innovative and integrated solutions that Akoya Biosciences can offer, with a view to streamline processes, and minimizing turnaround time and manual effort.

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