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    PPE Workshop at DEWA office

    Scientechnic Industrial Stock Sales (ISS) in collaboration with Honeywell organized an engaging and informative PPE workshop at the DEWA office in Warsan.

    The Industrial Stock Sales team together with Honeywell product experts, conducted a full-fledge workshop on the correct use of safety gear. The focus of the session was to demonstrate Honeywell’s innovative range of protection and safety solutions applicable to the HSE, electrical and warehouse teams of DEWA. Mohammed Nasr Kamel, Sr. Executive Admin Business Support and Human Resources, D.G Vinoth, Head Main Stores and Dr. Marcéll Greeff Head of HSE, were the key personnel from DEWA, present for the workshop.

    Canan Dsouza, Regional Product Manager, Honeywell introduced the guests to the brand’s PPE portfolio, emphasizing on the importance of comprehensive protection, and focusing on the critical aspects of the use of

    PPE suited for head, hand, and foot. An in-depth demonstration of various PPE equipment was also part of the workshop, where the team from Honeywell and ISS showcased how workplace hazards can be effectively mitigated with careful and the right use of safety gear, even in the most demanding of environments.

    Uday Kosuri, Senior Manager – Sales & Business Development, Tobby Korah, Sales Executive representing Scientechnic ISS and Taoufik Al Kubtan, Regional Sales Leader from Honeywell assisted in answering queries from the attendees, offering valuable insights into the practical applications of safety products, and helped the crowd with gaining a thorough understanding of how best to implement safety measures.

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