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    Consultant event with partner DEHN

    A customer event specifically organized for Dubai-based consultants dealing with critical infrastructure safety against earthing, surge and lightning.

    The Scientechnic Industrial Stock Sales (ISS) team with partner DEHN, recently hosted an event for key consultants in Dubai. Titled ‘DEHN PROTECTS’, the event showcased DEHN’s comprehensive range of products and solutions in Earthing, Lightning Protection, Surge Protection, and Safety Equipment. Suresh Babu Nair, Senior Vice President (ISS) and Stewart Skariah, Vice President (ISS), representing Scientechnic together with their team, and Vijay Srinevasan – Managing Director, Mohamed Magdy – Regional Manager, Ashraf Ali – Business Development Manager, Anwesh Kumar – Technical Manager and Sebastian Gross – Product Manager (APAC/ME) from DEHN were present at the event, actively engaging with guests.

    Beginning with a brief introduction of Scientechnic and DEHN, attendees were given an overview of the innovative, safe and standard-compliant solutions from DEHN ranging from soil integrity testing, consultations

    and risk assessments to 3D scanning simulations and installation. An in-depth technical session was also part of the agenda where real-time case studies were discussed in relation to the relevance of LV Power Supply Systems, Telecommunication & Signaling Networks for Surge Protection, Safety Equipment for Electrical Installations, and Down-Conductor Systems for External Lightning Protection. Two key solutions that gathered most attention was DEHNPlan, a web-based software for efficient design and planning of earthing and external lightning protection, and DEHNSupport, the ultimate lightning protection guide.

    Both teams from Scientechnic and DEHN enthusiastically answered and clarified queries from guests during the concluding Q&A session, providing insights into the practical applications. Products displays at the event were an added advantage, enabling customers to openly engage and gain thorough understanding of its implementation.

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