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    Building Technologies test portable fire detectors for Sharjah Civil Defence.

    A trial of the Cirrus Pro Locator Fire Sniffer was done in the presence of the Sharjah Civil Defence team.

    The test was done using Cloud Chamber Technology, this portable and sensitive ‘fire detector’ is capable of detecting fire at a very early stage, even before smoke or flames are produced. The Sharjah Civil Defence team successfully tested this unit by detecting a burning candle from behind a closed door, through the small gap between the door and its casing. A trial of the Fire Sniffer in firefighting appliances with real fires is now being conducted. The Sniffer is effectively designed to protect fire-fighters and enable them to quickly detect flames from behind closed doors.

    The Fire Sniffer is a part of the innovative range of Aspirating Detectors from Protec, UK’s largest privately owned fire detection and security company. Protec provides practical and cost-effective engineering solutions to meet specific client requirements for fire detection, aspirating fire detection, emergency lighting, CCTV, access control, sprinklers and water mist. Scientechnic is the sole distributor of Protec for Dubai and the Northern Emirates.

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