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    Taking the first step towards healthy living

    Healthy living is not just about eating right, but also about leading a lifestyle that keeps your mind, body and spirit in good shape.

    Scientechnic collaborated with VLCC, one of the leading wellness brands in the Middle East to encourage employees to adapt a healthy lifestyle and shed weight, in the right way.

    As part of the initiative, live health screening took place in the training hall. VLCC provided weight loss assistance through nutritional counselling, body composition analysis, skin analysis and much more.

    After the screening, the team of professional health experts offered tips on living healthy and guided them to switch to a proactive lifestyle. Around 90 staff members benefited from the complimentary check-up and learnt about the benefits of living fit and how it leads to a happier and less stressful working life.

    The program kindled a sense of urgency in putting health on top and inspiring employees to take that first step towards a good life.

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