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    Ring Road Tunnel

    Year: 2015   |   Location: Fujairah  

    Tunnel automation system

    The ring road connects Dibba and Khor Fakkan and serves areas such as Al Aqah, Sharm, Rul Dadna, Rul Dibba and Al Bidya. It is considered vital to the area and is expected to serve 15,000 cars on weekdays, increasing to 20,000 on weekends. The twin tunnels on the road are 550 metres long and run through mountain, away from the coastline, which safeguards the section of

    road from falling rocks and extreme weather. It was near this area where Cyclone Gonu caused much damage to Sharm and Al Bidya some years ago. The Automation division delivered tunnel automation solutions including PLC control panels, HMI and SCADA system for the tunnel.

    • The Siemens S7 400-H PLC system offers a highly available controller which minimizes the probability of production failures and thus decisively contributes to maximum productivity.
    • Siemens WinCC SCADA station was used to monitor and control the project
    • Siemens WinCC flexible HMI and dual redundant fibre-optic ring network communication were part of the systems used

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