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    Alkayltion & Aromatic

    Year: 2015   |   Location: Iraq  

    Revamping the control system

    The Automation division undertook the project of revamping the control system for Alkylation and Aromatic, part of The Arab Chemicals Detergents Company (Aradet) in Iraq. The scope of work included DCS control panel and redundant server/client SCADA system.

    The Automation division of Scientechnic offers a number of services to clients including consultancy, training, annual maintenance, project management, PLC, DCS and SCADA software development.

    • Siemens S7 410-H PCS 7 system was used for this project along with remote I/O panel. The advantage of this system is that it is compatible with the predecessors and the existing charts can be reused with a new compilation.
    • Siemens PCS 7 redundant server /client system was also used. It has the potential to implement innovative solutions that meet the special challenges of the process industry.
    • Dual redundant profibus network communication and network management system were the other systems used.

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