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    Gloria Hotel

    Year: 2005   |   Location: Dubai  

    Fire protection system

    The Building Technologies division was responsible for all fire safety systems at Gloria Hotel, Dubai Media City. These included the fire fighting system, fire alarm system with graphics, central battery system, FM-200 system, foam system, deluge water spray system, wet chemical system and carbon monoxide detection system. The first eight floors of Gloria Hotel serve as the

    podium and remaining have 1017 apartments.This building comes under the classification of high-rise building with stringent requirement from local Civil Defence authorities with regards to its fire protection system. Fire detection is integrated to a 24×7 Civil Defence monitoring system.

    • Designed, supplied, installed, tested and commissioned the fire alarm, voice evacuation, emergency light, deluge water spray, wet chemical, CO detection, foam and FM-200 system for Gloria Hotel.


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