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    Al Maktoum Stadium

    Year: 2019   |   Location: Dubai  

    CCTV, access control, structured cabling, fire alarm system, Wi-Fi and active components and UPS

    Al Maktoum Stadium is a multi-purpose stadium in Dubai. It is the home ground of Al Nasr SC. The stadium holds roughly 15,000 people. It was upgraded for the 2019 AFC Asian Cup.

    As part of the upgradation of the Al Nasr Stadium, the Building Technologies division was responsible for the installation, testing and commissioning of CCTV, Access Control, Structured Cabling and Fire Alarm System as well as Wi-Fi & active components and UPS.


    The projects was completed in four months without any backlog. 210 cameras, 5 NVRs were installed with 40TB for all areas. The system is designed to record high resolution images for up to 30 days, as required. The SCN connectivity is branched through 7 Intermediate Distribution Frame (IDF), located at different floors. The outlets are wired in a star topology. The Cat. 6 cables are supplied and installed for horizontal wiring. There are about 41 access doors which can be accessed through high range card readers.

    The core layer is designed with 29,407 switches. The switches are configured with SVL technology for high availability and load balancing. They are connected via 10G x 2 uplinks for stack wise virtual link.

    Cisco Stack Wise Virtual combines two switches into a single logical switch with a large number of ports, offering a single point of management. One of the member switches is the control and management plane master, while the other one is the standby.

    The virtualisation of multiple physical switches into a single logical switch is only from a control and management perspective. Because of the control plane being common, it may look like a single logical entity to peer switches. The data plane of the switches are converged, that is, the forwarding context of a switch might be passed to the other member switch for further processing when traffic is forwarded across the switches. However, the common control plane ensures that all the switches have equivalent data plane entry for each forwarding entity.


    Al Maktoum Stadium is protected with an Integrated Fire Detection and Voice Alarm system from Siemens. Over 400 detection devices and 165 Speakers, spread across the building, are controlled by the panel placed at the VVIP Entrance, from which Live Emergency Paging is also made possible. The Emergency Exit Staircases are provided with a monitored two way Emergency Communication Fire Telephone System. The system is integrated with BMS and Centrally Monitored from the Siemens Danger Management Software – Cerberus DMS. Emergency Lights from Olympia Electronics S.A. have been installed.

    UPS – 

    BPC 300 kVA UPS with a 10 minute battery runtime is installed in each lighting control rooms for protecting stadium flood lights. BPC 40 kVA UPS with a 30 minute battery runtime is installed in the server room for protecting ICT systems. BPC 10 kVA UPS with a 30 minute battery runtime is installed in the Police room for protecting Security Systems

    • The Al Maktoum Stadium project was completed by the Building Technologies division in record time of four months without backlog.
    • 210 cameras, 5 NVRs are installed with 40TB in all areas.
    • Over 400 fire detection devices and 165 speakers are spread across the building.

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