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    Smart lighting control

    Lighting control happens every day with the rising and setting of the sun. As light gradually moves across the landscape, the power to control the quality and level of lighting within a given space will not only improve your comfort and enhance the experience but help to save energy as well. Lighting and motorized shade systems provide precise control of daylight – all at the touch of a button.


    If your kitchen is like most, it has neither enough lighting nor the right kind. As the hub of your home, the kitchen space is used for much more than just preparing and eating meals. The space should be flexible to entertain guests as well as for doing homework. The use of dimmers or a total control system allows you to set the perfect light level for nearly any activity.

    This room is typically the largest consumer of energy and, therefore, an important space to use light efficiently. Additionally, using a shading system allows you to take advantage of warm sunlight during cooler months and does the opposite in summer months by blocking solar heat gain. Thus, motorized shades reduce both heating and cooling costs.

    Family room

    A multipurpose family room plays host to many different activities, including movie nights, entertaining guests as well as for lounging around reading. The way in which the space is used, makes it the perfect candidate for a lighting control system. The ability to create a specific mood using lighting becomes effortless. From your smartphone or tablet, dim the lights for a romantic evening with your significant other or brighten the room. Elegant shades designed to complement your home’s décor, also effortlessly transition a space to create the right amount of light for any activity.

    Home office

    Whether you work from home or if you are self-employed, the right lighting can make a difference. With control of both the lights and shades, work time becomes more enjoyable and productive. Reduce harsh glare on computer screens by controlling the amount of natural lighting entering the room. Whether you want to dim the lights or raise the shades, both can be controlled using a touchscreen device.

    With both wired and wireless solutions, a lighting control and shade system can easily add function and ambience to any room. Start with just a single room or outfit every room in your home including the outdoors to increase convenience, comfort level, and energy savings.

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