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    Sinorix – Fast, highly effective, and economical intelligent solution

    Data centers and server rooms are the core of today’s business world.  Data centres are subject to enormous fire risks. There are two risk factors at play – electricity as a possible ignition source and flammable material such as plastic and printed circuit boards.

    Technology studies have shown that gas extinguishing systems can occasionally interfere with hard disk drives and, in even rarer cases, cause them to fail. Investigations by Siemens and independent organizations suggest that this is caused by the relatively high noise level generated by a conventional gas extinguishing system when flooding the room in the event of a fire.

    Scientechnic Building Technologies can take care of your data centres and server room protection. Sinorix silent extinguishing technology from Siemens is both – safe and quiet; making it ideal for use in such environments.

    The main objective of this solution is to reduce the noise damaging levels for hard disk drives and to provide a smooth and efficient distribution of the extinguishing agent. This also helps maximize business continuity. In case of a fire, the nozzle distributes the extinguishing agent evenly and quietly into the protected area.

    Novec 1230 is non-conductive and non-corrosive, making it ideal for extinguishing fires in rooms filled with electrical and electronic equipment.  The solution combines all fire safety disciplines, namely detection, alarm and control to extinguishing, in a single cabinet.

    Sinorix high-quality solutions protect people, environment, processes, and assets.

    A report by Frost & Sullivan, published in October 2015, stated that the GCC’s fire safety market is expected to grow at an average 15% to touch $3.15bn by 2020. Protect your business now.

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