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NIKKON - Lighting up the world

A one-stop industrial LED lighting solutions provider and LED lighting manufacturer in Malaysia.

Industrial LED lighting solutions provider and LED lighting manufacturer, NIKKON specializes in designing, integrating, manufacturing and supplying industrial LED lighting products in custom-made energy efficient luminaire designs to customers. NIKKON is based in Malaysia and was started in the 1980’s with a desire to spread light in a safe, practical and viable way. NIKKON’s production site is equipped with the latest machinery and technology to produce and manufacture the company's entire range of products. Over the years, NIKKON have built a brand with loyal customers and business partners across five major continents around the world.

LED lighting design has become a way to accentuate and highlight architectural designs, outdoor spaces, commercial buildings and iconic structures in order to captivate ones attention, bring objects to life and improve overall visibility. NIKKON offer comprehensive lighting solutions ranging from commercial to industrial lighting, including HID lighting, LED lighting and street lighting.

The manufacturing process of LED lighting produces some amount of waste. NIKKON as one of the leading LED lighting suppliers in Asia, consistently initiate ways to improve energy efficiency and lower their environmental impact.

Due to technological advances, lighting using LED contains no harmful substances, NIKKON lamps as part of their environmental conservation effort use their own Spectroradiometric System. The lamps are tested for compliance with energy efficient category requirements. NIKKON have designed and manufactured the Energy Saving Lamp while maintaining excellent colour rendering, high luminosity, and saving considerable energy by using 80% less power than incandescent lamps.

Scientechnic is the agent for NIKKON lighting solutions in the UAE. The joint partnership offers customers in the region more streamlined services and a larger selection of high quality products that are constantly being advanced an upgraded.

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