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    It pays to pay attention to detail

    Scientechnic CEO, Easa F. Al Gurg on why he believes that it pays to pay attention to detail.

    I have always been a firm believer of the phrase ‘It pays to pay attention to detail.’ However, believing is one thing and putting it to practice in our daily lives is a completely different matter. I learnt it the hard way.

    My time in the UAE National Service re-emphasized the significance of detailed and meticulous planning in absolutely everything. From the seemingly simple task of making our beds each morning to the amount of calories consumed at every meal, to the carefully planned fitness activities we carried out each day, each and every single hour of the day was planned and accounted for. Each task, in turn, is broken down into smaller steps and accompanied with detailed instructions to minimize the chance of error, as much as humanly possible. Such thorough planning and execution leads to discipline and perfection, when carried out habitually over a period of time. To me, those two factors are crucial pillars of the overall foundation of any successful human being.

    Paying attention to detail can easily be made into a habit with time. Hence it is one of the most constant and crucial piece of advice I give and continuously aim to instill in my team at Scientechnic. It starts from the simple task of sending emails and letters, where it is so important to read and re-read the contents, and check the spellings along with other details. This extends to the core part of our business, which includes project execution, and the responsibility of delivering a quality outcome within the agreed period of time. Most of us remember Samsung recalling the newly launched Galaxy Note 7 due to the battery issue, but many might not know that this small detail which was missed out cost the company $5 Billion apart from the reputational damage and market affect that followed.

    From different experiences I have gone through, I have been blessed to evolve myself and strengthen the element of striving towards perfection through continuous improvement in my career and overall life. These are some of my learnings over the years –

    • Plan your time in such a way that you do not need to rush through important tasks, prioritizing critical tasks over others is a must.
    • Stop doing what you’re doing if you are unable to focus. I personally take a break and get back to the task on hand once I am able to concentrate better.
    • Invest fair efforts and time into whatever you do.
    • Aim for perfection, no matter how big or small the task. Take all aspects of your work seriously and pay equal attention to all.
    • Always welcome suggestions and feedback from others, every person views things from a different perspective, and some feedbacks can be an eye-opener.
    • Consistently deliver quality, build a reputation of one who constantly exceeds the expectations of others.

    Finally, I leave you with the following thought; Every single thing in our lives, be it content in a book that we learn from, the paint thickness of a car that protects it from erosion, a meal that is cooked in the right manner, or even a medicine with the exact dosages of ingredients needed to keep it from turning into a poison, would not be possible without someone paying attention to details.

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