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    Employee Spotlight – Khalid Alhasasneh

    This month the spotlight is on Credit Controller, Khalid Alhasasneh, who has been with us for over three years. We chat with him about his role in the company.

    What are your responsibilities at Scientechnic?

    My role is to follow-up with customers for our payments and ensure that they are collected within the agreed payment terms. I provide support to our sales team in negotiations with customers on payment terms. I also support employees who face issues with customers related to project execution. I keep the management updated on the financial situation of customers. I evaluate risks, if any, especially if they could potentially impact the recovery of our payments.

    As a Credit Controller, can you give us a quick rundown of a regular day at work for you?

    Usually I start my day by checking my customer follow-up sheet and scheduling meetings. I call customers to find out if our payments are ready for collection. I go for daily customer meetings, which are important because they ensure that strong relations, communication and trust is built between me and the customer. These meetings play an important role in understanding the market situation better.

    What do you find most interesting about your job?

    As the biggest entity of ESAG, Scientechnic gives me the opportunity to deal with people of unique mindsets. There is a lot to learn from my highly experienced colleagues with various specialties. My professional experience and personal skills get refined due to my interaction with my colleagues.

    What do you like to do in your spare time? Any interests or hobbies that you would like to share?

     I spend my free time with my family and friends.  I like to go on fishing trips in the sea.

    Your role involves ensuring that the company recovers the money owed to it. How do you manage this in your day-to-day job? Are there any interesting incidents that you can share?

    My job is challenging and often I face difficult cases that need to be resolved within a short time.  I invest a lot of effort in them and there are countless calculations and reconciliations to be done.

    I have to prove myself by increasing my abilities and developing skills that would assist in a peaceful resolution. I get a sense of pride when I receive appreciation from the Management and when I am told that I add value to the company. The fact that my efforts are noticed gives me the fuel to keep improving my performance day by day.

    I remember a case where one customer had not made our payment stating that he had not received the payment from his client. I went to the client directly and got the payment details. Our customer was shocked about how I got the details and he promptly paid us after that.

    What is the one recent accomplishment you are most proud of and why?

    Recently the Management assigned a number of cases of long overdue payments to me, which we were unable to recover. The only option was to raise the matter with the Legal Department and proceed with legal action. But after discussing the matter with the Management, I took the responsibility of visiting each customer.

    Eventually, I recovered the complete overdue payment, thereby avoiding the time and money legal proceedings would have cost us. The best part was that my actions ensured that good business relations with the customer were maintained and we are positive about a continued relationship with them.

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