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    Aspirating smoke detection sets new standards

    Aspirating smoke detection ensures reliable fire detection in demanding application areas, where very early fire detection is required and business continuity is paramount. Aspirating smoke detectors continually draw samples of air from the areas requiring protection and evaluate these samples for the presence of smoke.

    The aspirating smoke detectors FDA221 and FDA241 from Siemens use two wavelengths – blue and infrared. This enables them to detect smaller airborne particles as produced in the earliest stages of overheating or as found in open fires. By determining the size and concentration of the airborne particles, the aspirating smoke detectors are able to differentiate between smoke and dust and steam particles. As a result, they offer highest detection reliability and immunity to deceptive phenomena, thereby preventing downtimes and costs caused by false alarms.

    Application areas

    Aspirating smoke detection is particularly suitable for:

    • Clean areas such as data centers and clean rooms
    • Hard-to-access areas like cable ducts or power stations
    • Historical buildings like theaters, museums and libraries
    • Restrictive areas such as operating rooms
    • Public places such as metro stations, parking garages or prisons
    • Harsh environments like industrial production areas
    • High-ceiling and ventilated areas like warehouses

    Benefits at a glance

    • Very early fire detection for fastest possible warning and response
    • High detection reliability prevents false alarms
    • Suitable for difficult environments
    • Direct integration into a Cerberus PRO fire detection system from Siemens
    • Patented chamber design for extended product lifespan

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