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    Urban Traffic Control System

    Year: 2016   |   Location: Dubai  

    3G communication upgradation

    The advent of modern communication technologies and the obsolescence of its predecessors, has paved the way for alternate communication options for the Urban Traffic Control system. The PSTN leased line technology for the networking of traffic controllers was upgraded to 3G Communication. The Mobility division won the contract to survey the existing traffic signals to get the latest configuration data and SCOOT loop allocation.

    The scope of work included the supply, installation, testing and commissioning of UTMC O.T.U, installation of 3G Router with SIM cards and the supply, installation and configuration of Intrusion Detection and Prevention System (IDPS). Also included were the supply, installation and configuration of NTP Server for UTC system.

    • All migration was done without any interruption to the day to day traffic operations.
    • Training was imparted to the RTA maintenance and operations team.
    • Deployment of 3G communication of nearly 360 intersections were completed in a record time of 12 months.


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