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    Burj Khalifa

    Year: 2011   |   Location: Dubai  

    Lamps, cables and traffic management system

    Burj Khalifa is the tallest structure in the world and was opened to the public in January 2010. Scientechnic is proud to be associated with the UAE’s most iconic landmarks.

    The scope of work for Scientechnic included the following:

    • Supply of lamps and cables
    • Boulevard traffic signals
    • Managing traffic movement around the Burj Khalifa for New Year’s Eve fireworks
    • Traffic alerts for Emaar marketing team to direct social media for the fireworks

    The products and solutions used were as follows:

    • The prestigious iconic Burj Khalifa has been lit up with Osram lamps
    • Supply of Oman cables
    • Central Traffic System within the Burj Khalifa Boulevard for coordination with the police for pedestrian movements within the boulevard.
    • The UTC System during EID for monitoring, controlling and coordinating between authorities for the event.

    Challenges on New Year’s Eve:

    The fireworks display at Burj Khalifa attracts huge crowds and Scientechnic worked with RTA authorities to monitor pedestrian load at metro and bus stations. The overall plan was to allow traffic into Downtown till the 20,000 car park spaces was filled up. Thereafter, the boulevard was to be kept free of traffic to ease mobility of visitors. The Burj Khalifa metro station alone saw 410,000 visitors between 5pm to 11 pm. At its peak, the total number of visitors exceeded 1 million. A temporary control room was set- up at Emaar’s Armani sales center in Downtown, which in turn, was communicating to the core upper city wide management team within the RTA and Dubai Police.

    The car park spaces within Downtown were filled up by 8 pm and subsequently entry points into the boulevard were closed. Traffic was diverted to the alternate car parks specifically arranged for the event at Dubai World Trade Centre, DIFC and Meydan. There were an additional 10,000 parking slots there and RTA bus service was made available to the public.

    A massive logistics plan was put in place by the RTA to prepare for the exit of crowds from the venue after the fireworks display. There were public transportation buses and the metro running every two and a half minutes. The arrangements were personally supervised by Lieutenant General Dahi Khalfan Tamim, Chief of Dubai Police.

    • Supply of Osram lamps
    • Supply of Oman cables
    • Central Traffic System within the Burj Khalifa Boulevard for co-ordination with the police for pedestrian movement


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