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    Pan Biotech

    Pan Biotech (Germany) specializes in the manufacture and distribution of cell culture products. They deliver goods to customers from research, clinics and the biopharmaceutical industry. The company guarantees best quality in material and processing, and to ensure these standards, the processes and products are subjected to continuous quality controls.

    First in class and innovation

    Since 1988 PAN-Biotech has been demonstrating its strength with innovative, first-class quality products and excellent services for cell culture around the globe. Dedicated to innovation, the company is forward-thinking and converts its latest scientific findings into products and new developments.

    Scientechnic | empowering tomorrow | UAE

    Skilled team

    Pan Biotech has a team of highly skilled staff with extensive operating experience in various fields of cell technology. This expertise guarantees product development based on the needs and requirements of the customers. The company also undertakes custom orders.

    Scientechnic | empowering tomorrow | UAE

    Customer service

    To meet the demands of customers Pan Biotech offers individual support and advice, fast response to customer requests and practical solutions even for complex problems. The company considers reliable, on-schedule delivery a non-negotiable factor and hence, their operating processes are designed to fulfill high standards.

    Scientechnic | empowering tomorrow | UAE

    More on Pan Biotech

    Scientechnic Life Sciences and Healthcare division and Pan Biotech have been strategic partners since 2017 and have grown to be a supplier-of-choice and trusted brand for cell culture products.

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    Scientechnic | empowering tomorrow | UAE