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    Olympia Electronics

    Founded in 1979 Olympia Electronics is one of the oldest and largest electrical and electronic manufacturers in Greece. The company is active in developing innovative electronic safety and security systems by using state-of-the-art technology.

    World-class manufacturing

    Olympia Electronics SA is specialized in developing innovative electronic safety and security systems. The company is best known globally for the Emergency Lighting and Fire Detection Systems, offering a comprehensive range of emergency lighting luminaries and systems, Fire Detection Systems, Burglar Alarm Systems, Hotel Access, Electric Insect traps and Electronic Room Thermostats. All the products are manufactured in accordance with European and International standards. For the production, the company applies advanced systems ‘world- class manufacturing’ such as lean systems, TPM, 5S which give it competitive advantages.

    Scientechnic | empowering tomorrow | UAE

    Dedication to quality

    Olympia Electronis SA has adopted quality in production and inspection procedures that have supplied the market with products that are totally in accordance with European construction prototypes (ΕΝ). Olympia Electronics products has been certified according to ISO9001, OHSAS 18001, ISO 140001 and for the second time (first time in 2005) has been accredited the European enterprise distinction in the scope of EFQM Levels of Excellence.

    Scientechnic | empowering tomorrow | UAE

    The Philosophy

    Olympia Electronics follows this philosophy

    • To produce high quality, state-of- the-art and innovative products in a competitive price level.
    • To be an ‘’Easy To Do Business With’’ company.
    • To keep its orientation customer-centric.
    Scientechnic | empowering tomorrow | UAE

    More on Olympia Electronics

    In 1998 Scientechnic was appointed as the exclusive agent of Olympia Eletronics S.A. Greece for fire alarm equipment and systems in Dubai and the Northern Emirates.

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    Scientechnic | empowering tomorrow | UAE