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    The best engineering company in United Arab Emirates, Scientechnic has long standing partnerships with world-class brands and together they bring the best quality products and solutions to the region.

    LED Lighting solutions for retail environment, working place, parking area, LED street lighting, road safety and security have become greater concern amongst the community. Nikkon offer comprehensive lighting solutions ranging from commercial to industrial lighting, including HID lighting, LED lighting and street lighting.

    LED Lighting - Energy saving and environment conservation

    Due to technological advances, lighting using LEDs contain no harmful substances and is now a far more environmentally friendly, energy efficient and economically viable option. Nikkon is in a position to participate in this global effort of environmental responsibility – as individuals and as a part of corporate social responsibility. Using its own Spectroradiometric System, the lamps are tested for compliance with energy efficient category requirements.

    Scientechnic | empowering tomorrow | UAE

    Nikkon LED Lighting - A Complete LED Lighting Solutions Provider

    NIKKON is a one-stop industrial LED lighting solutions provider and LED lighting manufacturer Its expertise has always been in designing, integrating, manufacturing and supplying industrial LED lighting products and in custom-making energy efficient luminaire designs for customers. Nikkon’s LED lighting expertise bring solid technical acumen offering the customers more streamlined service, more products and choices while maintaining high standards of product quality.

    Scientechnic | empowering tomorrow | UAE

    Nikkon and its future

    Universal concerns over the environment have made coming up with energy efficient and renewable energy products a priority for Nikkon. Nikkon’s objective is to continue researching and developing these products. Meanwhile, the company will be positioned as an established manufacturer of the electrical industrial equipment with extensive in-house manufacturing capabilities. New technological developments will be incorporated and customer service is aimed at being as efficient and effective as possible.

    Scientechnic | empowering tomorrow | UAE

    More on Nikkon

    Scientechnic is proud to have an exclusive partnership with Nikkon, a one-stop industrial LED lighting solutions provider. Our collaboration ensures that the customer benefits from our streamlined services and products with improved energy efficiency and lower environmental impact.

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    Scientechnic | empowering tomorrow | UAE