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    The best engineering company in United Arab Emirates, Scientechnic has long standing partnerships with world-class brands and together they bring the best quality products and solutions to the region.

    ERCO is a leading international specialist in architectural lighting using LED technology. The headquarters is based in Lüdenscheid, Germany with an award-winning facility that recognised for its architecture merits. The family business, founded in 1934, now operates as a global player with independent sales organisations and partners in 55 countries worldwide.

    Efficient visual comfort

    ERCO understands digital light as the fourth dimension of architecture – providing highly precise and efficient lighting solutions to support the architects, lighting designers and engineers in turning their visions into reality.

    Scientechnic | empowering tomorrow | UAE

    Engineering excellence for the light

    Since 2015 ERCO’s portfolio has been 100% LED with the focus on photometric and electronics. ERCO designs, research, develop, produces and assembles are handled in one roof by their specialist in Lüdenscheid.

    Scientechnic | empowering tomorrow | UAE


    The well-trained employees of ERCO work as lighting advisors to ensure reliable services such as providing advice during the planning stage, tendering, sample supply, project planning and on-site support to customer service and training. ERCO’s extensive experience in creative architectural and object lighting for different architectural segments links up with state-of- the-art LED technology.

    Scientechnic | empowering tomorrow | UAE

    More on ERCO

    Our strategic partnership with ERCO, the leading international specialist in architectural lighting began in 1983, when Scientechnic was appointed as their exclusive agent. This partnership enables us to develop groundbreaking new technologies and remain at the forefront of the lighting industry. Scientechnic is proud be associated with ERCO and together we have worked on many iconic lighting projects in the UAE.

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    Scientechnic | empowering tomorrow | UAE