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    Industrial Stock Sales organised Cement Day

    ISS with partners Siemens, LEDVANCE and Flender held Cement Day – a seminar on the latest technology and smart solutions for cement factories in the UAE.

    Cement Day saw an impressive attendance of eminent professionals from the industry, who delved into topics such as plant and machine level automation solutions, energy monitoring along with predictive and preventive maintenance software solutions and services. The event witnessed interactive discussions on the latest innovations in large drives and motors, gearboxes and couplings, cyber security, smart glass technology, smart industrial lighting solutions and their contribution towards the growing needs of the cement industry in the region.

    Industrial Stock Sales is a one-stop-shop for MEP solutions with 360 degree local expertise and comprehensive product availability. Equipped with a team of highly trained engineers and executives, our unique logistics operation and state-of-the-art warehousing facility provides consistent and reliable service with round-the-clock offsite and onsite support, making us the preferred supplier by clients.

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