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WE-EF is a global manufacturer of high-performance exterior luminaires renowned for outstanding engineering design and innovative optical systems. Established in 1950 in Germany, WE-EF is recognised worldwide as a leading exterior lighting specialist that provides professional lighting solutions for various applications, ranging from urban spaces to architectural projects.

Design and Engineering

The most important element in the design process is the development of luminaires that encompass timeless design; in other words, design that best reflects their enduring qualities. In addition, state-of- the-art engineering brings with it the highest standards with regard to environmentally-friendly materials and processes, i.e., high IP ratings, excellent thermal management and innovative optical systems. The development of high-end, efficient reflectors and lenses is one of the core competencies of WE-EF.

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'Made by WE-EF' is more than just an expression. Through continual investment in tooling, production processes and the ongoing education of its employees, WE-EF are able to achieve the highest standards of quality. In exterior lighting, the corrosion resistance qualities of a product are important for their reliability and longevity. A durable and reliable corrosion protection can only be achieved when Product Development and the Production Processes are considered together. Years of research, development and practical testing and experience in some of the harshest climates on earth has resulted in WE-EF's unique 5CE corrosion protection system.

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Real and sustainable cost and energy savings can only be achieved through professional project planning, including the application of the latest optical systems and light sources. In street lighting applications, for example, this means minimizing the number of luminaires required by optimizing the efficiency of the optical system, while at the same time limiting glare in line with international standards. In short, reduced installation and maintenance costs, less CO2 and improved quality of light.

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More on WE-EF

WE-EF, a specialist in exterior lighting has an exclusive partnership with Scientechnic since 1978.  Its intelligent design, engineering and technology helps Scientechnic to deliver the highest standards of lighting solutions to all its milestone projects.

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