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Assay Genie

Reagent Genie is the brainchild of two visionaries in the recent past, 2013, who met midway through their aspirations, with a view to provide scientists with more data, better kits and a platform that was focused on assays. Following the growth and development that paved the way forward with time, the company graduated to supplying research kits that fulfilled every requirement of scientists and researchers. And while doing so, spread wings internationally to be present in 30+ countries. Through the years, Reagent Genie has been focused at helping researchers and scientists alike to discover the future. 

Innovation at its best 

Reagent Genie develops innovative reagents for biomarker and drug discovery scientists through their three brands ELISA Genie, Assay Genie and Antibody Genie. These have further enabled customers to save time, money and ultimately providing a helping hand to enable cutting-edge discovery. 

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Uncompromised quality

ELISA Genie, one of the brands under Reagent Genie, is a premium brand with over 26,000 ready-to-use ELISA kits and GeniePlex Multiplex Immunoassay technology. Assay Genie has 1,200 assays, kits, cellular probes and tracking dyes for all your research needs. Antibody Genie supplies over 15,000 cell biology and flow cytometry antibodies.

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Extensive product range

Reagent Genie, since their inception, has built to their advantage a wide range of research enhancing kits. These include 3D cell culture kits, aging, antibody tools, cancer research kits, biochemical, cell-based assays, coronavirus assays, etc. 


Scientechnic | empowering tomorrow | UAE

More on Reagent Genie

With a wide spectrum of products and services to offer, Reagent Genie's alliance with the Scientechnic Life Sciences and Healthcare division has by far been a great success. This partnership solely aims at making available the best research related resources to the region's scientists and researchers. 

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Scientechnic | empowering tomorrow | UAE

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