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Based in Stockholm, Sweden, Devyser was founded in 2004 by three pioneers who envisioned rapid, non-invasive diagnostics based on multiplexed PCR and QF-PCR technology. A technology, which has since been applied to the front-end of sequencing workflows in order to streamline protocols.

Specialist in diagnostic kits

A specialist in diagnostic kits for complex DNA testing within oncology, reproductive health and hereditary diseases, Devyser uses its products to guide targeted cancer therapies, enable rapid prenatal diagnostics and offers a wide array of genetic tests.

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Designed for routine diagnostics

Devyser develops DNA tests with the end user in mind. The focus is on eliminating tedious protocols and streamlining workflows to create tests that are simpler, faster and easier to use in routine diagnostics laboratories. Additionally, by simplifying the diagnostic process, the company ensures cost-effective and reliable results.

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Results for life

For patients, wait time and result clarity is absolutely critical. Devyser provides its customers a confident product to generate accurate results quickly. It simplifies and streamlines complex testing processes to improve the throughput, significantly reducing hands-on time and produce results that can be 100% trusted. 


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More on Devyser

Since its collaboration with Scientechnic Life Sciences and Healthcare division, Devyser with its in-house team of experts have been committed in providing specialist diagnostic kits and aiding the country in treating hereditary diseases and cancer along with a wide array of genetic disorders.  

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Scientechnic | empowering tomorrow | UAE

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