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Scientechnic senior staff kick-start a 90-day Step-Up Challenge

In order to reinforce the importance of fitness and a healthy lifestyle, a 90-day step-up challenge has been initiated within Scientechnic amongst senior staff.

The challenge, is aimed at encouraging them to make fitness a priority by continually pushing their limits on a daily basis and doing so by leading by example. Scientechnic managers have been given Fitbits to monitor their daily step-count and keep track of their competitors.

Every week the total steps taken by participants are measured and a scoreboard is maintained. The goal is to ensure that each of them increases their step count by 10% each week, such that at the end of 90 days their minimum daily step count would have increased to 10,716. The Top 3 competitors who consistently maintain their step count and show a steady 10% growth through the 90 days will win a cash prize.

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