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Scientechnic hosts workshop for Sharjah Civil Defence

The Building Technologies division at Scientechnic recently hosted a training workshop for the key officials of Sharjah Civil Defence, showcasing our expertise as a leading integrated solutions provider in Fire Fighting and Emergency Lighting Systems.

During the breakfast to noon interactive session, attendees were provided hands-on training on high-performing fire and safety systems, highlighting their technical features, how they stand out from current market offerings, while meeting safety requirements. The systems displayed on-site were those of partners, each distinctive from the other.

Fire Alarm, Voice Evacuation System and Fire Suppression System: The wide-range of fire alarm and evacuation systems we offer are equipped with modern technology ensuring high standards. They provide accurate and reliable alarming that is easy to use, install, is flexible, customisable and compliant with regulatory standards.

The fire suppression systems are equally reliable and ensures optimum protection in case of fire, is chemically inert and has low electric conductivity. It is ideal for areas with electrical and electronic risks of fire, does not leave any residue and warrants a no-risk of corrosion.

Fire Detection, Alarm System and Hybrid Aspirating Fire & Smoke Detectors: The Hybrid is the first and only ‘Combined Fire & Smoke’ Aspirating Detector with the unique ‘Cloud Chamber Detection’ (CCD), a  

primary detection technology along with optical ‘Scatter Chamber Detectors’ (SCD), a secondary detection technology.

Equipped with features, this system has an independent and integrated intelligent alarm signal decision making, the largest sensitivity range aspirating detector and hybrid ‘Smart Signal’ that makes it a highly efficient choice.  

Emergency Lighting System: The diverse range of Emergency Lighting we provide, assures high quality, are easy to install and maintain. The state-of-the-art and innovative emergency lights facilitate clear exit paths in an emergency and are equipped with self-testing and monitoring panels, approved by the UAE Civil Defence.

The workshop also included a live Fire Suppression System discharge demonstration showcasing system functionality and highlighting its competencies. The session concluded over lunch organised at the ESAG Learning & Development Centre.

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