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Industrial Stock Sales and Siemens team up for Roadshow on 3VJ MCCB product launch

Scientechnic Industrial Stock Sales and Siemens conducted roadshows throughout the emirates promoting the newly launched 3VJ MCCB

The Industrial Stock Sales (ISS) business unit together with Siemens, recently conducted roadshows for the launch of the new Siemens 3VJ Molded Case Circuit Breaker (MCCB) across the Emirates. The team from Scientechnic and Siemens took to the road, visiting key panel builders, presenting to them the exclusive benefits of yet another remarkable innovation from Siemens, along with the details of the launch program.

The roadshow team graciously explained and demonstrated the unique features of the 3VJ MCCB to the panel building fraternity, putting to rest any queries or additional details they required.

The Siemens 3VJ Molded Case Circuit Breaker is the compact, flexible, reliable and safe choice in power distribution that offers value for money.

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