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Why your organization needs a QHSE Policy

Continuous improvements in the quality of products and services while protecting the surrounding environment and people, are essential for the long term success of a business.

Compliance Processes:  Following a compliance policy is key to receiving accreditations and the necessary certifications. A company’s commitment towards compliance will lead to positive results, ensuring that the quality of products and services provided are of the highest quality. 

Reduces Risk, Cost and Accidents: QHSE policy makers carry out health and safety risk assessments to consider all potential workplace hazards that could negatively affect an employee.  Creating a safe working environment is key. Maintaining comfort and cleanliness while also ensuring that the organization is able to meet the safety procedure standards. Create a safer workplace by consulting with staff on risk management, inviting feedback on safety issues and encouraging the team to flag up workplace hazards.

Conservation of Resources: With the growing need for energy conservation, it is important that your QHSE policy encourages employees to conserve resources by reducing waste and promoting the optimum consumption of resources by recycling and eco-friendly sourcing. Creating sustainable packaging, using energy efficient LED lighting and avoiding the wastage of materials, are just some of the advantages of having a policy that keeps in view a company’s daily environmental footprint.

Legal: QHSE sets the standards, strategy, policy and legal framework of an organization. Processes followed and work-done needs to be regulated and streamlined in order to create a safe and equitable environment. The set policies ensure that ethical and legal practices are followed by all employees. 

Scientechnic is dedicated to create a process driven organization aiming to achieve a sustainable and profitable business model. The Integrated Management System in Scientechnic helps enrich the concept of a transparent and efficient organization and sets high quality, health, safety and environment (QHSE) standards which aim at exceeding the expectations of our customers, business associates and employees.

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