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WE-EF FLC200 LED projector series

Winner of the German Innovation Award 2018, WE-EF FLC 200 is a masterpiece when it comes to powerful projector lights.

It offers sophisticated lighting solutions by integrating the finest quality of light, precision and freedom of planning. The series delivers the right solution for almost every outdoor architectural lighting application.

The demand for illumination of buildings, facades, monuments and sculptures call for lighting tools that have the potential to showcase them effectively. For example, a uniformly illuminated open space during the day can turn into an atmospherically dense room at night; likewise, the accentuation of details can turn a facade into a decorative element.

Outdoor lighting scenarios are increasingly making use of coloured light. With careful planning and usage, coloured light can subtly highlight the look of the architecture and its surrounding area at night. With infinite variable colour mixing, FLC230-CC LED and FLC240-CC LED offer interesting creative possibilities. Equipped with a DMX interface they are well suited for temporary, dynamic and subtle light applications.

The series also contain projectors of different diameter, symmetrical light distribution and lumen packages, with a provision of adding optical components. These characteristics make FLC200 projectors extremely well-equipped to produce the desired lighting effect for all types of lighting tasks. The FLC200 series projector was also the winner in the gold category, of the ‘Focus Open’ award in 2017.


Scientechnic's preferred partner, WE-EF is a global manufacturer of high-performance exterior luminaires renowned for outstanding engineering design and innovative optical systems. Established in 1950 in Germany, WE-EF is recognised worldwide as a leading exterior lighting specialist that provides professional lighting solutions for various applications, ranging from urban spaces to architectural projects.

As a pioneer and innovator of a wide range of application-specific modular LED lens technologies, WE-EF develops optical systems that deliver photometric efficiency together with high visual comfort. WE-EF is dedicated to the philosophy of combining form and function, resulting in striking and timeless product designs.

Precision in the design process, careful consideration of material selection and high-quality manufacturing processes; ensures that WE-EF luminaires are considered to be a benchmark of product performance, reliability and longevity; as well as ease of installation. Responsible resource management is practiced across all areas of operation, from product life-cycle assessments to sustainable business procedures.



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