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The power of a smart building with the internet of things

Building management and automation systems have evolved with the introduction of information technology and the power of data.

These analytics combined with intelligent equipment, advances in communication protocols and an increased demand for long-lasting infrastructure have led to a change in the way buildings now operate.

Over the past few years, building controls have incurred a number of innovative changes. The availability of data has become key. The future of the internet of things is very much ongoing where we will see interoperability and seamless data interchange existing between various sub-systems in a building, a building and external utilities, smart equipment, interactive building interfaces and much more. Internet of buildings’ is changing the way building management is perceived, with an increase in awareness on overall reduced spending and its contribution to a more sustainable lifestyle. 

‘Many companies have started offering Remote Operation Centers to manage buildings through specialized remote centers. This will soon lead to a standardized way of recording, communicating and subsequently managing the way a building works.

Technology companies have already begun to focus on these market needs by manufacturing end systems and equipment that are connected and also developing IP based controls for building communication controls. Buildings are often studied to review and regulate the energy usage patterns of the building. This can radically change the energy use and availability by ensuring the most efficient use of available resources. It is only a matter of time until these technologies are installed and followed by a majority of residential and commercial properties worldwide.

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