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LEDVANCE Biolux - focusing on people in lighting design

Ledvance Biolux HCL System is recipient of the German Innovation Award and Red Dot Design Award for the year 2020. The latest in human centric lighting, Biolux is an HCL 3/3 star certified lighting system that focuses on increased human well-being.

Light is essential – for our well-being, happiness and performance. Recognising this need, human centric lighting (HCL) lays emphasis on the biological effects of light. The BIOLUX HCL system from LEDVANCE opens up completely new opportunities for companies and their employees.

BIOLUX promotes and maintains the most valuable resource companies have - their employees, by helping them to staying focused at work, get an extra boost for special tasks by supporting creative processes, creating relaxing moments and ensuring increased well-being through a natural atmosphere. The system supports the highest scientific and regulatory requirements, following stringent manufacturing guidelines of the German Social Accident Insurance (DGUV) and the International Commission on illumination (CIE).

The installation of the BIOLUX is simple, without the requirement of any additional wiring or configuration. Operating it is intuitive, without any prior knowledge being required. It is simple and convenient, using a rotary switch and display. It's biologically effective light changes colour temperatures and illuminance levels, supporting the human biorhythm, performance and well-being.

BIOLUX (HCL) enables lighting solutions for modern work environments that are designed to promote creative thinking and high levels of 

concentration at desks, both in service sectors and factories. Human centric lighting places the focus on people and their need for natural light, is flexible, stimulating and effective.

The system automatically adapts artificial light to changes in daylight thanks to an intelligent, patent pending algorithm, and is accurate for the day and location enabling the best possible biological effect. It consists of two components - the BIOLUX control unit and the BIOLUX LED luminaires which communicate with each other wirelessly via the ZigBee protocol.

BIOLUX is ideal for single room solutions with up to 20 luminaires such as meeting rooms or offices with little or no daylight.

The BIOLUX (HCL) comes in five light profiles -

  • Relax: During breaks in meetings
  • Create: For creative activities, e.g. in workshops or brainstorming sessions
  • Natural: Default setting
  • Focus: Enhanced concentration, e.g. in meetings
  • Boost: Highest concentration for highly detailed and particularly demanding tasks

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