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Languages of Light Series - Amal Barreto

In conversation with Amal Barreto, Founder & CEO of Surface Eleven, on "what determines the choice of light temperature for any given setting"

Warm or cold? What determines your choice of light temperature for any given setting?

Everybody has a different ‘language’ on light. We got in touch with Amal Barreto, Founder & CEO of Surface Eleven, to share her thoughts on this topic. Here is what she had to say:

There are so many options today in the world of lighting, and I can see why. It is a deeper question than one may imagine. To me, warmer temperatures give me a cozy feeling of sunshine, a bit of candlelit romance and a little mystery. A cooler light setting gives me a more serious vibe and a feeling of “let’s get to work!”. 

When I started my company Surface Eleven, I always imagined having a big impact on material options for the design community. Floors and

walls cover the biggest surface area in one space, so I knew that’s what my business model needed to be based on. Experience has taught me that no matter how up-market the material, it does not work if it is not installed correctly and not in the right setting (a major part being lighting). This is where the skill of any interior designer really comes to play.

Lighting and flooring choices are two of some of the most important decisions made by designers and builders. These selections should not be made independent of each other in my opinion. In fact, one of our core brands Royal Mosa Tiles from the Netherlands, has done extensive research on how light plays on the surface of a tile. The μ Collection is a result of a study of ceramic pigments and their relationship with elements such as light, distance and angle, and colored objects. When you see reputed manufacturers going in this direction and investing resources in this kind of research, you know this is a global talking point for design.

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