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Languages of Light Series - Krystal Fernandes

In conversation with Krystal Fernandes, Project Manager, Summertown Interiors on the issue of 'glare'

We love exploring the different perspectives on Lighting across different industries, and today, we continue the dialogue with a focus on the issue of 'glare'.

When it comes to lighting, glare is one of the biggest contributors to visual discomfort. Do you agree?

We asked lighting expert Krystal Fernandes, Project Manager at Summertown Interiors for her thoughts on the issue, and here is what she had to share:

Why, yes of course I agree. Let’s begin with the definition of glare – it’s a visual sensation caused by excessive and uncontrolled brightness. This can come from various sources such as uncontrolled flow of light through windows, glossy surface reflections or artificial lighting not correctly placed. With all our daily functions working through the support 

of our eyes, if distressed, can lead to negative impact on productivity, performance and so much more. I read in an article not long ago that visual discomfort leads to headaches and further manifests into neck and shoulder pain.

How do you solve this issue? Get yourself a lighting professional I’d say, who can work on providing the right lighting medium for the space and enhance the environment. Things like location, mounting height, inclination are just some of the factors that must be considered during the design stage. And this would apply for both interior and exterior spaces.

If you notice your eyes are strained, give them a break and work towards fixing the brightness rather than compromising on yourself.

At minimum, I believe, lighting installations must allow a visually comforting setting for its users. It should be a staple requirement conducive to our wellbeing and to increasing our efficiency.

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