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How to choose the right access control system for your business

Access control is the process of controlling who enters and leaves a premises and when. This essential component for businesses provide security to the employees and also minimizing risk to the business.

As a form of risk management, access control is essential for protecting staff, information and assets and limiting the potential for unauthorized individuals to enter a business establishment.

1. Conduct a security review to establish the level of security the organization requires. It is also important to look into potential security requirements that could come up over the next five to ten years. The physical features of the building, locations of the entrances and exits, hours of business and potential vulnerabilities must all be considered and assessed.

2. Depending on the size of the establishment, an access control system can be installed by an alarm system company or even manually. Most experts recommend hiring professional access control system installers to do the job, this will also ensure that the systems are installed correctly and maintenance system testing and breach responses are taken care of.

3. The type of access control system you decide to go for depends on the purpose and scope of monitoring business activities:

  • Stand-alone systems: these systems manage security for a single door, area or location. This can be used to secure a front door, back door, interior door or facilities door with the business. They do not require any type of infrastructure or connectivity, the Access Control terminal has the memory and capability to manage users. These systems are ideal for small shops, offices or warehouses with a maximum of 30 registered users.


  • Managed systems: This system allows system-wide monitoring and can show complete audits of who entered where and when. These functions, when combined with CCTV surveillance and intrusion can offer very high levels of security at relatively low cost. Perfect for organizations that have up to 2,000 employees.
  • Corporate systems: This solution allows for seamless integration of third party systems - CCTV surveillance, intrusion, vehicle access, intercoms, alerts, messaging, asset management, cyber-security, time and attendance, tele-assistance, etc. Biometric corporate access control systems are becoming more and more popular, as they have proven their efficacy in superior access control for all kinds of environments.

With advancements in technology, access control systems have also become increasingly common amongst businesses and user-friendly for employees. Access control is the best way to limit access by only including essential personnel, help run a company without worrying about security breaches and track employees’ movements.

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