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Five ways to reduce energy costs in your factory

An energy audit will help you understand your energy usage better and determine where your facility can go green and save money. Scientechnic specialists work closely with consultants who can come to your facility to identify key energy saving areas for your current and future needs.

Rethink your lighting approach:  By replacing your lighting requirements with energy efficient products and controls, you can reduce energy consumption by up to 50% as well as eliminate the risk of mercury contaminants. Scientechnic offers a variety of lighting solutions that lower utility bills and reduce energy consumption.

Evaluate your motors and drives: Electric motors are responsible for almost 70% of all energy consumed in industrial applications. So, why not start now by replacing existing motors with Siemens energy efficient motors? Save even more by adding variable frequency drive systems to the motors.

Control heating and cooling costs: As much as 30% of the energy used in your facility comes from heating and cooling costs. Making smart decisions about your facility’s heating, ventilating and air conditioning (HVAC) system can have a significant impact on your utility bills.

Monitor the situation: By knowing and understanding your facility’s electrical footprint and monitoring energy use, you can track its progress toward efficiency goals as well as establish benchmarks for achievements. With Siemens intelligent energy monitoring system, you can keep track of energy usage across multiple locations, from one central source to ensure maximum efficiency and control costs.

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