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Efficiently lighting up the city

Artificial light is an essential element of the city’s environment - not only for illumination,but also as part of the city’s identity. It impacts the resident’s sense of safety, security and also influences the level to which cities can create an inviting environment for business and tourism.

LED street lighting is a solution that helps enhance the quality of life and improve infrastructure, through efficiency and cost-effectiveness. It is a simple yet economical and reliable lighting solution, that delivers substantial energy savings as compared to conventional fixtures. LED street lights have been designed to replace conventional outdoor lighting, whilst offering maximum energy saving and reducing maintenance costs. These street lamps provide outside spaces with superior quality lighting all year round. With the increase in demand and directives to move towards green energy, street lights are now also equipped to operate with solar power through an integrated solar solution.

If you are looking for environmentally friendly lighting solutions, we have strategic partnerships with leading global specialists to offer the best available integration. Our LED experts will help you decide the ideal choice for your requirement. We offer a broad range of lighting products, from floodlights, street lantern, highbay, lowbay and architectural lighting which help create a greener space that focusses on energy conservation with sustainability. For more information call us on tel: 04 2035777, email:

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