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The benefits of Access Control and how Scientechnic can help

Access control can be used in any commercial, retail, public or business environment and can help mitigate security risks.

The benefits of Access Control and how Scientechnic can help:

Whether it's employees or visitors, you should know who's in your facility. Access control can help in any commercial, retail, public or business environment and can help mitigate security risks. Even most retail businesses have certain areas they want restricted from customers.

We offer the most comprehensive product portfolio of Extra Low Voltage and security solutions. Our team of experts provide design, integration and implementation services to our clients incorporating a wide range of digital multimedia, audio visual and security systems, which allow you to control, track and manage access to any facility for improved employee and visitor management. We add value to your operations with managed access control and also have a wide range of intrusion alarm systems, gate barriers, CCTVs and intercom systems to choose from. 

Access Control benefits:

  • Restrict Specific Areas: In most businesses, employees aren’t given full reign of every closet, office, and floor. One group, like the Finance and Payroll Department, might have sensitive documents and information that shouldn’t be available to all employees. Access control keycards can be set up to restrict exactly who can go where.

  • Save Energy and Money: Believe it or not, access control systems can be integrated with other building systems like lighting or even the heating and cooling system. The most advanced of these systems can tell exactly what areas of a building need light or even temperature adjustment at any given moment.

  • Protect Valuables: If your business has valuables, especially items with street value, access keycards can identify exactly who entered afterhours. This could help to catch a culprit or potentially prevent items from going missing. With regular keys, there’s no way of telling which employee unlocked the door afterhours.

  • Multi-Shift Work Environments: If you have a lot of employees constantly coming and going, managers might not be able to recognize every employee. Access cards help identify impostors and allow authorized employees to come and go without hassle.
  • Multi-Location Access: For businesses with several locations, access control can help ensure managers and workers can travel from building to building or location to location with ease.
  • Retrieve audit data: Workplace incidents can be reviewed by retrieving data and generating traffic reports by time-of-day, day-of-week and more. Administer your access control system remotely, or have our company manage it for you.

 Want to Learn More About Access Control

Building Technologies installs, services, and upgrades several types of access control systems in small, mid-size, and large facilities. Contact us to learn more about commercial security and the benefits of access control solutions.


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