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Cool Water Campaign

Scientechnic recently launched a unique campaign keeping the welfare and well-being of its employees and the community in mind.

Taking into account the health and safety hazards of working in high temperatures, Scientechnic launched a ‘Cool Water Campaign’ making cool drinking water, Tang and Pocari Sweat available to its employees. This is one of the most prominent and important preventive measures Scientechnic has taken to protect its workers from the risks of working under direct sunlight with extreme high temperatures. This is also part of the organization’s Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) Management System. 


The Cool Water Campaign highlights the importance of a constant supply of water for the general well-being of the human body and the risks of not getting the adequate supply. Additionally, the Ion drinks keep the body hydration balanced.

Scientechnic extended the facility of Cool Drinking Water to the general public as well, by placing a water cooler outside its main office with a poster promoting adequate and frequent consumption of water. This has since helped countless passers-by, reinforcing Scientechnic's desire to contribute to the community.

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